Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Consultant / (13+ Years of Expertise)

I’m Mahamudur Rahman Bappi. I’ve worked in SEO for 13 years. I help businesses grow. I fix website technical issues and boost organic search traffic. My expertise is well-known in the industry.

On, I finished 372 projects. It took 8,000 hours. I worked hard for my clients. I lead my agency on Upwork. I logged 48,025 work hours. I earned almost 788 positive reviews. This proves my dedication to excellence.

I handle various SEO tasks in my Upwork portfolio: Website Audits, On-Page Optimization, and Keyword Research. I’ve worked with clients like Cloud8Sixteen, Ma Maison Micasa, GBY Liquidation. It’s been rewarding to see tangible results for them.

If you want to boost your business with SEO, I can help. Reach out today for personalized guidance. Let’s craft a plan for your unique goals. Success is just a step away from my support.

LinkedIn: /in/mmrahmanbappi / Skype: live:mmrahmanbappi_1 / Facebook: /fb/profile / Youtube: /@mmrahmanbappii

Best regards,
MM Rahman Bappi

SEO Services I Offer:

Check out the range of SEO services I offer, including Monthly SEO, Law firm SEO, Website Architecture, Business Directory Listings and more. If you’re unsure about what you need, just reach out to me for help.

Search Console Setup and Fix-up: To start strong, set up Google Search Console right. It’s key to have your website running smoothly. I’ll fix any problems and boost search result performance.

Site Structure and Navigation: A good site structure matters for users and search engines. I’ll review your site’s navigation for better user experience. It helps search engines crawl and index efficiently.

Crawling and Indexing: To succeed in SEO, make content accessible to search engines. Consider robots.txt, sitemap accuracy, and crawl errors. This improves your site’s visibility in search results.

On-Page Optimization: Improving your webpage is key. Meta tags, headings, and content matter. Boost your site’s visibility in searches. I’ll analyze your on-page SEO. I’ll provide helpful tips for enhancement.

Structured Data Markup: Using structured data helps search engines understand your content. It boosts your site’s visibility and click-through rates. Let’s enhance your site’s visibility for better search results.

Website Speed Optimization: I’ll check your website’s speed for better user experience and SEO. By optimizing images, caching browsers, and minimizing code, loading times will improve.

Security and HTTPS: Protecting your website and users’ data is crucial. I’ll check your security and help you set up HTTPS. It ensures safe connections, builds trust and may improve SEO.

Google Traffic Drop Assessment: Sudden drops in organic traffic can be worrying. I’ll investigate the reasons: algorithm changes, tech issues, and penalties. Then, I’ll provide solutions to recover lost traffic.

Website Migration SEO: Moving your website to a new domain or platform? Planning is needed to keep SEO equity intact. I am here to guide you through the migration process. It’s essential for preserving your search rankings and traffic.

Technical Issues Resolution: Addressing technical issues is essential for a healthy website. I’ll fix broken links, duplicate content, and server errors. It boosts SEO performance, making your site more visible.

If you cannot solve this problem, don't worry—I can help you. You can hire me for a flexible budget.